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Exercises for Shoulder Bursitis

Exercises for shoulder bursitis are very important to know, considering bursitis (a.k.a. “Thrower’s Shoulder”) is common to all overhead exercise, such as tennis, baseball or swimming.

While it may seem counter intuitive to treat a condition caused by excessive exercise with exercise, the main difference is the type of muscles targeted. Shoulder bursitis is caused by excessive rubbing of the rotator cuff muscles on the undersurface of the shoulder while doing overhead activity. On the other hand, treatment through exercises for should bursitis focus on balancing the forward throwing muscles and the “recovery” muscles – which brings the arm back into an upward position. These “recovery” muscles (a.k.a. rotator cuff muscles) are often weaker, and can be injured by repetitive movement, i.e. throwing.

Exercises for Shoulder Bursitis
Exercises for Shoulder Bursitis

Therefore, exercises for shoulder bursitis are typically exercises that strengthen the rotator cuff muscles. This will prevent future bursitis problems, and in doing so, eliminate future shoulder pain.

Sample exercises for shoulder bursitis:

1. Bend forward at the waist. Support yourself from falling forward with one hand (on a bench or counter) and let your other arm hang free. Using a light weight, lift your free arm directly out to the side with your elbow unbent. Do 15 lifts approximately 4 times.

2. Repeat the exercises for shoulder bursitis described in step one, however, now lift outwards 45o in front and behind the original position.

Correctly performing these exercises for shoulder bursitis should give you resistance feeling within your muscles. If it seems too easy, increase the weight. You should be getting a "work out".

Also, understand that these exercises for shoulder bursitis are not meant to be an immediate solution. There are medications and therapies that a doctor can provide for immediate pain relief. Exercises for shoulder bursitis will not be an instant cure, however, they will assist in the long term and keep you playing the sports you love.

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